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Erasmus students

Looking for a student room/flat?

You are taking up studies at Howest. Perhaps, you have already chosen your training programme. You want to rent a room/flat, but where do you find the one that suits you?

Student rooms from Howest

White house (Kortrijk)

(+32) 50/34 97 83 – kot@howest.be
Marksesteenweg 52, 8500 Kortrijk

9 student rooms with common facilities (kitchen, bathroom, toilet)
Price: between 260 - 310 euro each month (all included)

In Bruges we don’t have rooms from Howest but there is a large offer on the private market (http://www.kotwest.be )

Student rooms on the private market

For all information on student rooms/flats on the private market, surf to our special housing website Kotwest.

Do you wish more tips that help you looking for a student room/flat? Do you want to report or solve problems with your landlord? Stuvo is willing to help you.


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